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CN-106869671-A: Control method of vehicle curtain based on photosensitive sensing patent, CN-106992071-A: An insulator wire binding device patent, CN-107142249-A: 一种全悬浮细胞培养生产猪伪狂犬病毒抗原的方法 patent, CN-107169572-A: 一种基于Mahout的机器学习服务组装方法 patent, GB-2117693-A: Surgical stapling instrument and cartridge therefor patent, GB-2153288-A: Tool and method for preparing bait patent, GB-2161365-A: Storage arrangement constituted by a stack of boxes patent, GB-2168091-A: Security screens patent, GB-2170669-A: Solenoid energisation circuit patent, GB-2176304-A: Silver halide photographic emulsion patent, GB-2186487-A: Simulated cigarettes containing volatile substituents patent, GB-2192375-A: Apparatus for feeding bulk material patent, GB-2193287-A: Attachment lug for cylindrical body patent, GB-2198816-A: An electrical ignition device patent, GB-2201180-A: Window lock patent, GB-2202904-A: Evaluating the working line characteristics of a compressor of a gas turbine engine patent, GB-2210280-A: Fluids mixing apparatus patent, GB-2211478-A: Compartmented drinks container patent, GB-2214660-A: Industrial swing machine control patent, GB-2223386-A: An underwater acoustic animal guidance system. patent, GB-2224399-A: A stator assembly having yoke segments interconnected by pole pieces patent, GB-2225841-A: Filling nozzle cut-off valve. patent, GB-2227016-A: Quinazoline derivatives patent, GB-2227108-A: Data processing systems patent, GB-2250667-A: An apparatus and method for removing distortion in a received signal patent, GB-2252322-A: Phosphonation process and phosphonates patent, GB-2260031-A: Polar axis turning attachment for an existing fixed offset focus dish antenna patent, GB-2278904-A: Valve assemblies patent, GB-2280572-A: Token bus protocol patent, GB-2284007-A: A glazing unit and a method for its manufacture patent, GB-2287940-A: Liquid epoxy resin composition patent, GB-2288943-A: Digital VTR patent, GB-2291591-A: Pharmaceutical uses of granisetron patent, GB-2305462-A: A snap-in fastener for connecting flush-mounted apertured panels patent, GB-2309478-A: Method and apparatus for securing a sash within a frame patent, GB-2311775-A: Antiseptic purifier for water patent, GB-2319087-A: Apparatus for measuring the water content with microwaves patent, GB-2327079-A: Apparatus to aid material discharge from big- or bulk-bags patent, GB-2328152-A: Improvements relating to inflation assemblies patent, GB-2330885-A: Gear change mechanism patent, GB-2348511-A: Multiport optical switching system patent, GB-2354966-A: Recycling plastic waste patent, GB-2358740-A: Modular electric motor patent, GB-2365519-A: Air distribution apparatus for a vehicular air conditioning system patent, GB-2368183-A: A Shoulder Rest for a Musical Instrument patent, GB-2375801-A: Multi-layered sliding material of tin-copper patent, GB-2377122-A: Voice mail interface patent, GB-2378725-A: A roller cone drill bit for hard formations having a high offset patent, GB-2381226-A: Drilling machine patent, GB-2383208-A: Differential filters patent, GB-2386135-A: Tile flashing assembly patent, GB-2387466-A: Lamp set remote control system patent, GB-2388160-A: A gas turbine engine and fuel cell stack combination patent, GB-2391917-A: Improved composite tubing patent, GB-2396445-A: Interrupt controllers for prioritizing interrupt requests generated by a plurality of interrupt sources patent, GB-2398488-A: A chair with a rack and pinion assembly for adjusting the height of a seat member patent, GB-2402854-A: Software protection arrangement patent, GB-2402953-A: A method of expanding a tubing patent, GB-2403541-A: Displacement indicator apparatus patent, GB-2404288-A: Power cable restraint. patent, GB-2404306-A: Using a broadcast signal to overcome interference in a wireless uplink channel patent, GB-2405940-A: split-shield gradient coil patent, GB-2410577-A: Development and maintenance of computer databases patent, GB-2410585-A: Metering funds debit and credit for multi use patent, GB-2413283-A: A washroom scent delivery apparatus patent, GB-2415342-A: Splitting a unified packet flow rule set into subsets for plural enforcement devices patent, GB-2416049-A: Document fragment delivery patent, GB-2420052-A: Vehicle identification and tracking system stores vehicle information on RFID tag patent, GB-2420251-A: Bluesonic wireless communication patent, US-6519596-B1: System for increasing traffic on an electronic site of a system of networked computers patent, GB-2422959-A: A method of variable tuning for a loop antenna patent, GB-2424838-A: An injection device with interchangable drive rod or coupling patent, GB-2426726-A: Cyclonic separating apparatus patent, GB-2431077-A: Adaptive Puncturing Technique For Multicarrier Systems patent, GB-2433895-A: Puzzle box patent, GB-2446680-A: Clothing with integral brassiere patent, GB-2449057-A: Apparatus for playing kerb ball game patent, GB-2450852-A: Retainer for use with a corona ground element of an electrostatic precipitator patent, GB-2453215-A: Apparatus and method for reducing microphonic susceptibility in a radiation detector patent, GB-2455033-A: Efficient deployment of mobile test units to gather location-dependent radio-frequency data patent, GB-2461566-A: Embedded fibre optic sensor for mounting on wind turbine components and method of producing the same. patent, GB-2469669-A: Frangible ceramic bearing patent, GB-2471752-A: Floor structure for a motor vehicle patent, GB-2472546-A: Camera control system patent, GB-2474162-A: A method and downhole tool actuator patent, GB-2476932-A: Trunking for Mounting One Or More Computer Devices patent, GB-2481413-A: Domestic animal waste disposal unit patent, GB-2484468-A: User authentication and safety system for remote control equipment patent, GB-2488694-A: Fuel Injector Feed Arm with Central Secondary Fuel Flow Passage patent, GB-2490499-A: Junction box assembly for electrical connections to photovoltaic panels patent, GB-2497999-A: Polyurethane foam unicorn horn patent, GB-2500427-A: Battery discharge for electric vehicles in crash event patent, GB-2503676-A: Method for transmitting/receiving data comprising synchronisation information after a fixed delay patent, GB-2506596-A: Managing a set of software modules in a runtime environment patent, GB-2509689-A: Portable shower patent, GB-2512333-A: Mesh structures patent, GB-2513534-A: Use of a compound to control insects patent, GB-2516470-A: Expandable ostomy bag patent, GB-2524299-A: Wound dressing patent, GB-2528411-A: Dynamic geo-stationary actuation for a fully-rotating rotary steerable system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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